Healing trauma

Dr. James Gordon is a “healing idol” of mine. He founded the non-profit Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington, DC and he leads healing programs in places of the world where there are high rates of trauma, including Gaza, Israel, Haiti, and Kosovo. You can read more about the work of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine throughout the world at: Global Trauma Relief.

On September 8th, the New York Times published an article on Dr. Gordon’s work in Gaza: “Finding a Steadier Path in Gaza”. Dr. Gordon and his team have helped over 10,000 people in Gaza to learn new self-care techniques that help them to build self-awareness, release emotions, and learn relaxation skills. The authors of the article note that Dr. Gordon and his team also taught these techniques to many Israelis during the time in which Hamas’ rockets were more frequent. People on “both sides” are caring for themselves in ways that help them to work through trauma and fear. This healing process likely plays a role in the larger Middle East peace process because people who have tools for handling strong emotions are less likely to choose violence.

I think that Dr. Gordon and his team are “healing warriors;” they are helping people who have been traumatized to learn effective tools to transform their suffering. Of course, I hope that the situation changes so that people living in the Middle East do not suffer from more traumatic events. But right now I feel hope knowing that Dr. Gordon and his team of healing warriors are helping people to find relief from trauma.

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